In Noly cannery we assess our products in terms of strict quality controls, not only by the European Union, but also by means of analysis taken out by independent laboratories.

The process begins in the farming and continues in the exhaustive controls accomplished in the fisheries, the transport system, the labeling, the product maintenance in the refrigeration units. The quality control is carried out from the source to the final destination: the selling point.

Noly cannery fulfils the international regulation ISO 9001 and the IFS-5 certification, guaranteeing the commitment to quality, safety and respect for the environment.

We believe that qualified labour and quality control are inseparable concepts to certify the excellent daily work performance, knowing that our products are in good hands.

Furthermore, Noly follows the principles based on quality management:
  • Constant search for maximum quality and responsibility suppliers.
  • Specialization on product families allowing us a greater development in each of them.
  • Having the appropriate facilities and stores achieving a better conservation of the product and avoiding the stock breakages.
  • Offering short delivery times in line with our customers’ demands.
  • Highly timely delivery of goods.

In Noly cannery we are aware that "farming today is collecting tomorrow", therefore we are deeply committed to the environment and sea respect and sustainability policies. For us the development of our business activity is inextricably linked to the maintenance and sustainability of the natural resources.

Noly cannery keeps agreements of collaboration with different independent universities and institutes aiming to reduce, as much as possible, the environmental impact of its activities.